Edited by: Eugene McCann

Volume 9 (2015)

The Multiple Temporalities of Informal Spaces
Joanne Hudson

Geographical Approaches to Understanding Urban Decline: From Evolutionary Theory to Political Economy…and Back?
Russell Weaver and Chris Holtkamp

Resident Perceptions of New Urban Tourism: A Neglected Geography of Prejudice
Peter Dirksmeier and Ilse Helbrecht

Gentrification, Transit, and Land Use: Moving Beyond Neoclassical Theory
Nick Revington

Everyday Ethics of Consumption in the Austere City
Sarah Marie Hall

Young People, Community Radio and Urban Life
Catherine Wilkinson

Alcohol, Young People and Urban Life
Samantha Wilkinson

Knitting and the City
Laura Price

Landscape Design, Housing and Everyday Use of Green Space in Urban China
Junfang Xie

Volume 8 (2014)

Civic Design: Incorporating Urbanity and Sustainability from the Roots of Chilean Society
Jorge Inzulza‐Contardo and Camilo Cruz‐Gambardella

Unraveling the Spatial Patterns of Everyday Life in Chinese Cities – A Comparative Study Between Beijing and Tianjin
Qiang Sheng

Relational Comparison, Queer Urbanism and Worlding Cities
Jon Binnie

Governing Sex Work in the City
Mary Laing and Ian R. Cook

A Theoretical Walk through the Political Economy of Urban Water Resource Management
Gareth Walker

Moving the Field of Food Justice Forward Through the Lens of Urban Political Ecology
Julian Agyeman and Jesse McEntee

Utopian Visions and Real Estate Dreams: The Eco‐city Past, Present and Future
Elizabeth Rapoport

Body Size and the Built Environment: Creating an Inclusive Built Environment using Universal Design
Erin Pritchard

Volume 7 (2013)

Ethical Food Consumption and the City
Laura Pottinger

Urban China on Screen: The Sixth Generation and the Postsocialist Cinematic City
John Berra

The Nature of Gentrification
Jeremy Bryson

Urban Markets in Lagos, Nigeria
Faith Ossy Ikioda

An International Survey of Urban Sprawl Case Studies
Annette Stomp

New Urbanism as Sustainable Development?
Dan Trudeau

Master‐Planned Estates: Privatization, Socio‐Spatial Polarization and Community
Carolyn Thompson

The Urban Project and Its Impact on Sense of Place: Methodological Propositions
Sandra Breux and Mario Bédard

Volume 6 (2012)

Public Spaces / Public Spheres: Some Geographies of Space and Democracy
Malcolm Miles

The Political Geographies of Urban Polarization: A Critical Review of Research on Divided Cities
Marco Allegra, Anna Casaglia and Jonathan Rokem

Ethnic Entrepreneurship Studies in Geography: A Review
Qingfang Wang

Obesity/Fatness and the City: Critical Urban Geographies
Bethan Evans, Lee Crookes and Jon Coaffee

Volume 5 (2011)

From Actor to Avatar: The Place of Mayors in Theories of Urban Governance
Mark Jayne

Michael Bradshaw and John Kupfer

Race and the City: The (Re)development of Urban Identity
Rachel Brahinsky

Volume 4 (2010)

Reinvigorating the Concept of Land Tenure for American Urban Geography
Joseph Pierce

Unsustainable Urbanism? Cities, Climate Change and Resource Depletion: A Liverpool Case Study
Peter North

(Re)Greening the City: Urban Park Restoration as a Spatial Fix
Phil Birge-Liberman

The Cultural Economy of Small Cities
Mark Jayne, Chris Gibson, Gordon Waitt and David Bell

Just Urban Food Systems: A New Direction for Food Access and Urban Social Justice
Melanie Bedore

Social Sustainability and the City
Mark Davidson

Key Theory and Evolving Debates in International Housing Policy: From Legalisation to Perceived Security of Tenure Approaches
Gabriel Luke Kiddle

Neoliberal Subjectivities and the Development of the Night-Time Economy in British Cities
Robert Shaw

Aestheticizing Space: Art, Gentrification and the City
Vanessa Mathews

The Academic Geography Video Genre: A Methodological Examination
Nicholas Bauch

Tourism and Entrepreneurialism in Southeast Asian Cities
Jamie Gillen

Green Spaces of Self-Interest Within Shared Urban Governance
Harold A. Perkins

Volume 3 (2009)

Using Websites to Disseminate Research on Urban Spatialities
Gillian Rose, Begum Basdas, Monica Degen

From Neighbourhood to Network: A Review of the Significance of Neighbourhood in Studies of Social Relations
Andrew Clark

Urban Primacy: Reopening the Debate
John Rennie Short, Luis Mauricio Pinet-Peralta

Marginalized or Empowered? Street Reclaiming Strategies and the Situated Politics of Children’s Mobilities
Trine Fotel

More than Food and Folk Music? Geographical Perspectives on European Town Twinning
Julia Grosspietsch

The Virtuous Discourses of Private Communities
Therese E. Kenna, Kevin M. Dunn

Cycling the City: Movement, Meaning and Method
Justin Spinney

From North-South to ‘Global’ South? An Investigation of a Changing ‘South’ Using Airline Flows between Cities, 1970–2005
Peter J. Taylor, Ben Derudder, Cándida Gago García, Frank Witlox

Spaces and Networks of Musical Creativity in the City
Allan Watson, Michael Hoyler, Christoph Mager

Cultural Policy as Regeneration Approach in Western Cities: A Case Study of Liverpool’s RopeWalks
Chang Bin Lee

Obese Cities: How Our Environment Shapes Overweight
Dianna M. Smith, Steven Cummins

Volume 2 (2008)

Can Mixed-Income Housing Ameliorate Concentrated Poverty? The Significance of a Geographically Informed Sense of Community
James Fraser, Michael H. Nelson

Anti-Social Behaviour in British Cities
Andrew Millie

Gentrification: What It Is, Why It Is, and What Can Be Done about It
Kate Shaw

The Sustainable Suburban High Street: A Review of Themes and Approaches
Sam Griffiths, Laura Vaughan, Mordechai (Muki) Haklay, Catherine Emma Jones

Gated Communities
Renaud Le Goix, Chris J. Webster

Urban (Homo)Sexualities: Ordinary Cities and Ordinary Sexualities
Gavin Brown

Watch This Space! Designing for Children’s Play in Public Open Spaces
Helen Woolley

Urban Shadows: Materiality, the ‘Southern City’ and Urban Theory
Colin McFarlane

Urban Festivals: Geographies of Hype, Helplessness and Hope
Gordon Waitt

Geography Compass: Setting Course in a New Direction
Mike Bradshaw

Managing Diversity? ‘Community Cohesion’ and Its Limits in Neoliberal Urban Policy
Julie MacLeavy

Mapping Global Urban Networks: A Decade of Empirical World Cities Research
Ben Derudder

Olympic Cities: Regeneration, City Rebranding and Changing Urban Agendas
John R. Gold, Margaret M. Gold

Volume 1 (2007)

Artful Cities (p 1376-1392)
Tim Hall

From Citadels of Education to Cartier Latins (and Back?): The Changing Landscapes of Student Populations in European Cities
Antonio Paolo Russo, Laura Capel Tatjer

Revolting Geographies: Urban Unrest in France
Mustafa Dikeç

Contagious Cities
S. Harris Ali, Roger Keil

The Business Improvement District Model: A Balanced Review of Contemporary Debates
Lorlene Hoyt, Devika Gopal-Agge

Casino Cities
John Hannigan

The Decline of Inner Suburbs: The New Suburban Gothic in the United States
John Rennie Short, Bernadette Hanlon, Thomas J. Vicino

Business Improvement Districts: Policy Origins, Mobile Policies and Urban Liveability
Kevin Ward

World Cities and Union Renewal
Steven Tufts

City Marketing: The Past, the Present and Some Unresolved Issues
Mihalis Kavaratzis

‘It’s Urban Living, Not Ethnicity Itself’: Race, Crime and the Urban Geography of High-Risk Youth
Elizabeth Brown