Edited by: Jon May

Volume 9 (2015)

Legal Geography: Becoming Spatial Detectives
Luke Bennett and Antonia Layard

The Relational Geographies of Policing and Security
Richard Yarwood and Till Paasche

Feminist Geographies “Beyond” Gender: de‐Coupling Feminist Research and the Gendered Subject
Kate Coddington

Community‐led Housing and ‘Slow’ Opposition to Corporate Development: Citizen Participation as Common Ground?
Helen Jarvis

Volume 8 (2014)

Public Space in non‐Western Contexts: Practices of Publicness and the Socio‐spatial Entanglement
Junxi Qian

Resilience for Whom? Emerging Critical Geographies of Socio‐ecological Resilience
Raven Cretney

Volume 7 (2013)

Geographies of Experiment/Experimental Geographies: A Rough Guide
Kim Kullman

International and Intra‐national Student Mobility: Trends, Motivations and Identity
Laura Prazeres

The Geographies of Heterotopia
Dr Peter Johnson

Geography and Biopolitics
Stephanie Rutherford and Paul Rutherford

The Confusions and Exuberances of Biopolitics
Paul Rutherford and Stephanie Rutherford

Translocality: Concepts, Applications and Emerging Research Perspectives
Clemens Greiner and Patrick Sakdapolrak

Student Geographies: Exploring the Diverse Geographies of Students and Higher Education
Mark Holton and Mark Riley

Volume 6 (2012)

The Ship in Geography and the Geographies of Ships
William Hasty and Kimberley Peters

Arguments in Health Geography: On Sub-Disciplinary Progress, Observation, Translation
Gavin J. Andrews, Joshua Evans, James R. Dunn and Jeffrey R. Masuda

Volume 5 (2011)

Michael Bradshaw and John Kupfer

Visibility and the Policing of Public Space
Ian R. Cook and Mary Whowell

Home and Migration: Mobilities, Belongings and Identities
David Ralph and Lynn A. Staeheli

Art and Crime (and Other Things Besides … ): Conceptualising Graffiti in the City
Cameron McAuliffe and Kurt Iveson

Teaching and Learning Guide for: Critical Geographies of Body Size
Peter Hopkins

Walking in the City: The Geographies of Everyday Pedestrian Practices
Jennie Middleton

The Geographies of Soft Paternalism in the UK: The Rise of the Avuncular State and Changing Behaviour after Neoliberalism
Rhys Jones, Jessica Pykett and Mark Whitehead

Volume 4 (2010)

Creating ‘Alternative Geographies’: Religion, Transnationalism and Everyday Life
Olivia Sheringham

Sexualities in/of the Global South
Gavin Brown, Kath Browne, Rebecca Elmhirst and Simon Hutta

‘Maturing’ a Sub-discipline: The Intersectional Geographies of Masculinities and Old Age
Anna Tarrant

Changing Spaces: Locating Public Space at the Intersection of the Physical and Digital
C. Alex de Freitas

Searching for Belonging – An Analytical Framework
Marco Antonsich

Geographies of Touch/Touched by Geography
Deborah P. Dixon, Elizabeth R. Straughan

Beyond the ‘Orphan Burden’: Understanding Care for and by AIDS-affected Children in Africa
Tatek Abebe

Eat Local? Constructions of Place in Alternative Food Politics
Edmund M. Harris

The Carnal Body: Representation, Performativity and the Rest of Us
Mathias J. Detamore

The Geographies of Poverty and Welfare
Paul Milbourne

Thinking Outside the Box: Engaging Critical Geographic Information Systems Theory, Practice and Politics in Human Geography
Sarah Elwood

Volume 3 (2009)

Thinking Beyond Place: The Responsibilities of a Relational Spatial Politics
Jonathan Darling

Social Capital: The Panacea for Community?
Sarah A. Lovell

A Place and Space for a Critical Geography of Precarity?
Louise Waite

Transnationalism Unbound: Detailing New Subjects, Registers and Spatialities of Cross-Border Lives
Francis Leo Collins

Geographies of Detention and Imprisonment: Interrogating Spatial Practices of Confinement, Discipline, Law, and State Power
Lauren L. Martin, Matthew L. Mitchelson

The Geographies of Intoxicants: From Production and Consumption to Regulation, Treatment and Prevention
Geoffrey DeVerteuil, Robert D. Wilton

Volume 2 (2008)

Citizenship, Migration and Transnationalism: A Review and Critical Interventions
Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho

The Ties That Bind: Towards Geographies of Intimacy
Gill Valentine

Critical Geographies of Body Size
Peter Hopkins

Space and Government: Governmentality and Geography
Margo Huxley

Geographies of Youth/Young People
Bethan Evans

Social Geographies of Education: Looking Within, and Beyond, School Boundaries
Damian Collins, Tara Coleman

Geography Compass: Setting Course in a New Direction
Mike Bradshaw

Volume 1 (2007)

Ethnic and Racial Segregation: A Critical Perspective
Deborah Phillips

The Geographies of Social Movements
Walter J. Nicholls

The Geographies of Disability: Reflections on the Development of a Sub-Discipline
Rob Imrie, Claire Edwards

Geographies of Voluntarism: Mapping the Terrain
Christine Milligan

Intergenerational Geographies: Age Relations, Segregation and Re-engagements
Robert M. Vanderbeck