Edited by: Fiona McConnell

Volume 9 (2015)

Perspectives of Open Borders and No Border
Harald Bauder

Animating the Sacred, Sentient and Spiritual in Post‐Humanist and Material Geographies
Mabel Denzin Gergan

Assembling Political Parties
Sam Page and Jason Dittmer

Geoengineering: The Next Era of Geopolitics?
Simon Dalby

Assemblages and Actor-networks: Rethinking Socio-material Power, Politics and Space
Martin Müller

Volume 8 (2014)

Theorising the Thaw: Geopolitics in a Changing Arctic
Johanne M. Bruun and Ingrid A. Medby

Imagining a Critical Geopolitical Cartography
Anna W. Moore and Nicholas A. Perdue

Contextual Influences on Political Behavior in Cities: Toward Urban Electoral Geography
Russell Weaver

Radio Geopolitics
Patrick Weir

The Protected Area as Enclave: Towards New Geographies of Tourism and Conservation
David Kroeker‐Maus

Rethinking Domicide: Towards an Expanded Critical Geography of Home
Mel Nowicki

Political Geographies of ‘Food Security’ and ‘Food Sovereignty’
Justa Hopma and Michael Woods

The Internationalisation of Regions: Paradiplomacy or Multi‐level Governance?
Francesca Dickson

Environmental Governance at the Core of Statecraft: Unresolved Questions and Inbuilt Tensions
Antonio Augusto Rossotto Ioris

Touring “Terrorism”: Landscapes of Memory in Post‐War Sri Lanka
Jennifer Hyndman and Amarnath Amarasingam

Pluralising Climate Change and Migration: An Argument in Favour of Open Futures
Andrew Baldwin

The Geographies of the Conference: Knowledge, Performance and Protest
Ruth Craggs and Martin Mahony

From Petro‐States to ‘new realities’: Perspectives on the Geographies of oil
Emilia Kennedy

Biopolitics and Adaptation: Governing Socio‐Ecological Contingency Through Climate Change and Disaster Studies
Kevin Grove

Toward Expanding Links Between Political Geography and African Studies
Garth Andrew Myers

A Step Outside: Observations from the World’s Youngest State
Veit Bachmann

Editorial, Political Geography section, February 2013
Fiona McConnell

Video Article by Jennifer Hyndman and Arno Waizenegger, as presented at the AAG Conference.

Volume 7 (2013)

Feminist Geopolitics
Vanessa A. Massaro and Jill Williams

The Distinction Between State and Government
Edward Heath Robinson

The Politics of Childcare Provisioning: A Geographical Perspective
Aisling Gallagher

Growing a Radical Ruralism: Back‐to‐the‐Land as Practice and Ideal
Andrew Wilbur

Anarchism and Geography: A Brief Genealogy of Anarchist Geographies
Simon Springer

Disciplinary Engagements with Prisons, Prisoners and the Penal System
Jennifer Turner

Volume 6 (2012)

Gender, Militarization and Sovereignty
Lorraine Dowler

Geographies of Peace and Antiviolence
Jenna M. Loyd

Community Transitions to Low Carbon Futures in the Transition Towns Network (TTN)
Gerald Aiken

The Commonplace Geopolitics of Conspiracy
Laura Jones

Volume 5 (2011)

Modern Piracy and International Law: Definitional Issues with the Law of the Sea
Elizabeth Nyman

Michael Bradshaw and John Kupfer

Geographies of Conflict and Post-Conflict in Northern Ireland (pages 700–709)
Sarah McDowell and Peter Shirlow

Geographies of Palestine-Israel
Joanna Long

Volume 4 (2010)

Popular Geopolitics 2.0: Towards New Methodologies of the Everyday
Jason Dittmer and Nicholas Gray

‘Environmental Refugees’: Key Debates and the Contributions of Geographers
Nick Gill

The New Geopolitics of Fear
Rachel Pain

Volume 3 (2009)

Energy, Climate Change, Meat, and Markets: Mapping the Coordinates of the Current World Food Crisis
Lucy Jarosz

The Geopolitics of Disease
Alan Ingram

Geography: The Key to Recent British Elections
Ron Johnston, Charles Pattie

Transnational Resistance: Global Justice Networks and Spaces of Convergence
Paul Routledge

Governments-in-Exile: Statehood, Statelessness and the Reconfiguration of Territory and Sovereignty
Fiona McConnell

The Geopolitics of Global Energy Security
Michael J. Bradshaw

Theorizing Borders in a ‘Borderless World’: Globalization, Territory and Identity
Alexander C. Diener, Joshua Hagen

Material Worlds: Natural Resources, Resource Geography and the Material Economy
Gavin Bridge

Power, Place, and Militarism: Toward a Comparative Geographic Analysis of Militarization
Richelle M. Bernazzoli, Colin Flint

Volume 2 (2008)

Professionals of Geopolitics: Agency in International Politics
Merje Kuus

It’s so Easy Being Green: Overuse, Underexposure, and the Marine Environmentalist Consensus
Philip E. Steinberg

Progressive Geopolitics
Gerry Kearns

Bio-Political Geographies
Kolson Schlosser

Diasporic and Transnational Social Practices in Central Asia
Alexander C. Diener

‘Have You Seen Any Good Films Lately?’ Geopolitics, International Relations and Film
Klaus Dodds

Geography Compass: Setting Course in a New Direction
Mike Bradshaw

Volume 1 (2007)

The Geopolitics of Climate Change
Jon Barnett

Tabloid Imperialism: American Geopolitical Anxieties and the War on Terror
François Debrix

Geographies of War: Perspectives on ‘Resource Wars’
Philippe Le Billon

Redrawing the Map of Europe: Spatial Formation of the EU’s Eastern Dimension
Sami Moisio

Anthropocene Geopolitics: Globalisation, Empire, Environment and Critique
Simon Dalby