Environment & Society

Edited by: Rob Burton and Trevor Birkenholtz

Volume 9 (2015)

Tracing the Water–Energy–Food Nexus: Description, Theory and Practice
Hayley Leck, Declan Conway, Michael Bradshaw and Judith Rees

Contentious Politics in Austere Times
Laura‐Jane Nolan and David Featherstone

A Feminist Approach to Climate Change Governance: Everyday and Intimate Politics
Beth A. Bee, Jennifer Rice and Amy Trauger

A Review of Volunteered Geographic Information for Disaster Management
Billy Haworth and Eleanor Bruce

Seeds, Agricultural Systems and Socio‐natures: Towards an Actor–Network Theory Informed Political Ecology of Agriculture
Natasha Watts and Ivan R. Scales

Volume 8 (2014)

Climate Change Response at the Farm Level: A Review of Farmers’ Awareness and Adaptation Strategies in Developing Countries
Nichola Harmer and Sanzidur Rahman

Hydraulic Fracturing: A Critical Physical Geography Review
Rebecca Lave and Brian Lutz

Green Consumption, Ecolabelling and Capitalism’s Environmental Limits
Ivan R. Scales

The Anthropocene and Geography III: Future Directions
Noel Castree

Geography and the Anthropocene II: Current Contributions
Noel Castree

The Anthropocene and Geography I: The Back Story
Noel Castree

An Urban Political Ecology of Climate Change Governance
Jennifer L. Rice

Debates on the Innovative Diversification of European Farms: A Review
Terence Mc Fadden

The Importance of Next Generation Farmers: A Conceptual Framework to Bring the Potential Successor into Focus
Hannah Marie Chiswell

Teaching and Learning Guide for: Extending a Geographic Lens towards Climate Justice
Morey Burnham, Claudia Radel, Zhao Ma and Ann Laudati

Gender and Climate Change Adaptation in Agrarian Settings: Current Thinking, New Directions, and Research Frontiers
Edward R. Carr and Mary C. Thompson

Geographies of E‐waste: Towards a Political Ecology Approach to E‐waste and Digital Technologies
Graham Pickren

Urban Political Ecology: Environmental Imaginary, Governance, and the Non‐Human
Nate Gabriel

Volume 7 (2013)

Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy: Trends, Concepts, and Geographies
Stewart Fast

Social Sciences and Farmers in Switzerland: the Story of a Strange Absence
Jérémie Forney

Placing Food Systems in First World Political Ecology: A Review and Research Agenda
Ryan E. Galt

Empires of Waste and the Food Security Meme
Dr Jon Cloke

Engaging Publics: Biodiversity Data Collection and the Geographies of Citizen Science
Mark Toogood

Resilience: a Conceptual Lens for Rural Studies?
Mark Scott

Demystifying the Social Impacts of Biofuels at Local Levels: Where is the Evidence?
Jennifer Hodbod and Julia Tomei

Extending a Geographic Lens Towards Climate Justice, Part 2: Climate Action
Morey Burnham, Claudia Radel, Zhao Ma and Ann Laudati

Extending a Geographic Lens Towards Climate Justice, Part 1: Climate Change Characterization and Impacts
Morey Burnham, Claudia Radel, Zhao Ma and Ann Laudati

Geography, Science, and Subjectivity: Farm Animal Welfare in the United States and Europe
Connie L. Johnston

Situated, Networked Environmentalisms: A Case for Environmental Theory from the South
Mary Lawhon

Volume 6 (2012)

Environment, Business and the Firm
Federico Caprotti

Measuring the Performance of Partnerships: Why, What, How, When?
Claire Kelly

Network Theory in the Assessment of the Sustainability of Social–Ecological Systems
Rodolphe Gonzalès and Lael Parrott

Volume 5 (2011)

Michael Bradshaw and John Kupfer

Turning Farmers into Conservationists? Progress and Prospects
Mark Riley

GIS-Based Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis
Randal Greene, Rodolphe Devillers, Joan E. Luther and Brian G. Eddy

Material Matters: Gender and the City
Brenda Parker

Governance Spaces for Sustainable River Management
Claire Gregory, Gary Brierley and Richard Le Heron

The Geographic Basis of Geomorphic Enquiry
Nicholas Preston, Gary Brierley and Kirstie Fryirs

Neoliberalism and the Biophysical Environment 3: Putting Theory into Practice
Noel Castree

Volume 4 (2010)

Neoliberalism and the Biophysical Environment 1: What ‘Neoliberalism’ is, and What Difference Nature Makes to it
Noel Castree

Neoliberalism and the Biophysical Environment 2: Theorising the Neoliberalisation of Nature
Noel Castree

China’s South-to-North Water Transfer Project: Is it Needed?
Chansheng He, Xiaoying He and Li Fu

The Illusion of Equity: An Examination of Community Based Natural Resource Management and Inequality in Africa
Cerian Gibbes and Eric Keys

The Internationalisation of Managerial Environmentalism: Globalisation, Diffusion and Territorialisation
Richard Perkins

Spatio-Temporal Attributes of Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases
Brian H. Bossak, Mark R. Welford

Geography and the Politics of Climate Policy
Ian Bailey, Hugh Compston

Barriers to Collaborative Governance in New Zealand Fisheries: Pt I
P. Ali Memon, Nicholas A. Kirk

Barriers to Collaborative Governance in New Zealand Fisheries: Pt II
P. Ali Memon, Nicholas A. Kirk

Geographies of Multifunctional Agriculture: Developing Governance Explanations
Julian Clark

Impact of Plants Introduced by People During a Time of Rapid Environmental Change
Peter Holland, Dennis W. Woodland, Jillian Hetherington

Revisiting the Medieval Black Death of 1347–1351: Spatiotemporal Dynamics Suggestive of an Alternate Causation
Mark Welford, Brian H. Bossak

Structuring Sustainable Mobility: A Critical Issue for Geography
Lotta Frändberg, Bertil Vilhelmson

Volume 3 (2009)

Integrating Knowledge: The Key Challenge for a New Paradigm in River Management
Mick Hillman

Towards Sustainable Agriculture: Current Debates
Guy M. Robinson

Geographies of Sustainability: Low Impact Developments and Radical Spaces of Innovation
Jenny Pickerill, Larch Maxey

Born to Be Wild? Non-governmental Organisations, Politics and the Environment
Raymond L. Bryant

Surfacing Tension: Toward a Political Ecological Critique of Surfing Representations
Lauren L. Hill, J. Anthony Abbott

From Research to Application: Management Implications from Studies of Urban River Channel Adjustment
Anne Chin, Ken Gregory

Volume 2 (3008)

Exploring Collaborative Environmental Governance: Perspectives on Bridging and Actor Agency
Farrah Ali-Khan, Peter R. Mulvihill

Plants, Mobilities and Landscapes: Environmental Histories of Botanical Exchange
Eric Pawson

Environmental Change in Peri-Urban Areas and Human and Ecosystem Health
Ian Douglas

Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-Industrial Development: An Introduction
David Gibbs

Geography Compass: Setting Course in a New Direction
Mike Bradshaw

Recognition of Indigenous Interests in Australian Water Resource Management, with Particular Reference to Environmental Flow Assessment
Sue Jackson

Accountability Constructions, Contestations and Implications: Insights from Working in a Yolngu Cross-Cultural Institution, Australia
Samantha Muller

Cold Monsters and Ecological Leviathans: Reflections on the Relationships between States and the Environment
Mark Whitehead

Geographies of Environmental Governance: The Nexus of Nature and Neoliberalism
Matthew Himley

The North Sea Fisheries Crisis and Good Governance
Liza Griffin

Reasons to Be Cheerful: Thinking Sustainably in a (Climate) Changing World
Kersty Hobson

Volume 1 (2007)

Causality of Current Environmental Change in Tropical Landscapes
Kenneth R. Young

Crossing Boundaries, Crossing Scales: The Evolution of Environment and Resource Co-Management
Ryan Plummer, Derek Armitage

Call It Consumption! Re-Conceptualizing Ecotourism as Consumption and Consumptive
Zoë A. Meletis, Lisa M. Campbell