Edited by: Al James and Jennifer Clark

Volume 9 (2015)

Innovation Policy for Grand Challenges. An Economic Geography Perspective
Lars Coenen, Teis Hansen and Josephine V. Rekers

Higher Education and the Creative Economy: Creative Graduates, Knowledge Transfer and Regional Impact Debates
Roberta Comunian, Abigail Gilmore and Silvie Jacobi

Theorizing Energy Geographies
Matthew Huber

Volume 8 (2014)

Geographies of Production: The Institutional Foundations of a Design‐Intensive Manufacturing Strategy
Carolyn J. Hatch

The Economic Geographies of Aquaculture
Guanie Lim and Harvey Neo

Creative Industries from an Evolutionary Perspective: A Critical Literature Review
Su‐Hyun Berg and Robert Hassink

Rural Economies in the ‘Age of Migration’: Perspectives from OECD Countries
Dr Rae Dufty‐Jones

Human Capital: A Comparison of Rustbelt and Sunbelt Cities
Jessie Poon and Wei Yin

Organisational Geographies of Finance: Opening the Black Box of Global Investment Banks
Tim Heinemann

Class Monopoly Rent and the Contemporary Neoliberal City
Matthew B. Anderson

Volume 7 (2013)

Racing Economic Geography: The Place of Race in Economic Geography
Anne Bonds

Urban Economic Governance, Business and Globalisation: Australasia’s ‘Committee‐for‐[City]’ Phenomenon
Steffen Wetzstein

Geographies of Policy Mobilities
Cristina Temenos and Eugene McCann

Volume 6 (2012)

Spatial Practices and Border SEZs in Mekong Southeast Asia (pages 740–751)
Dennis Arnold

Sociological Perspectives on the Economic Geography of Projects: The Case of Project‐Based Working in the Creative Industries (pages 617–631)
Allan Watson

Spatialities of Governance – Spatial Imaginations Associated with Market, Hierarchy, Networks and Communities (pages 602–616)
Oliver Ibert and Axel Stein

Rethinking Venture Capital in Economic Geographical Research (pages 589–601)
Felicity Wray

Railroads and Immigration in the Northeast United States 1850–1900 (pages 455–476)
Richard G. Healey

The Role of the University as an Agent of Regional Economic Development (pages 439–453)
Sharmistha Bagchi‐Sen and Helen Lawton Smith

Public Sector Labour Geographies and the Contradictions of State Employment (pages 423–438)
David C. Jordhus‐Lier

Emerging Markets in a Shifting Global Financial Architecture: The Case of Islamic Securitization in the Gulf Region (pages 340–350)

David Bassens

Coastal Cities and Regions in a Changing Climate: Economic Impacts, Risks and Vulnerabilities (pages 327–339)
Robin M. Leichenko and Adelle Thomas

Coerced, Forced and Unfree Labour: Geographies of Exploitation in Contemporary Labour Markets (pages 137–148)
Kendra Strauss

Geographies of International Education: Mobilities and the Reproduction of Social (Dis)advantage (pages 123–136)
Johanna L. Waters

Social Justice and the Creative City: Class, Gender and Racial Inequalities (pages 111–122)
Deborah Leslie and John Paul Catungal

The Changing Role of Place-Image in the Profit Making Strategies of the Designer Fashion Industry (pages 35–43)
Nebahat Tokatli

Volume 5 (2011)

The Geography of Finance: Form and Functions (pages 851–862)
Adam D. Dixon

‘Theories and Policies of Innovation: A Critical Review’ (pages 838–850)
Pedro Marques

Economics, Morality, and Method (pages 825–837)
Julie A. Silva

Governing Poverty Amidst Plenty: Participatory Development and Private Philanthropy (pages 811–824)
Erica Kohl-Arenas

Editorial (pages 799–800)
Michael Bradshaw and John Kupfer

Mining ‘From Below’: Taking Africa’s Artisanal Miners Seriously (pages 479–493)
Jesper Bosse Jønsson and Niels Fold

‘The Focus Has to be on Helping People Make a Living’: Exploring Diverse Economies and Alternative Economic Spaces (pages 237–248)
Amanda Fickey

Volume 4 (2010)

The Geo-political Economy of Global Production Networks (pages 154–164)
Jim Glassman

Global Policy Models, Globalizing Poverty Management: International Convergence or Fast-Policy Integration? (pages 165–181)
Jamie Peck

The Built Environment of Higher Education and Research: Architecture and the Expectation of Innovation (pages 1713–1724)
Bas Van Heur

From ‘Evolutionary Turn’ to ‘Territorial Resources’: The New Trajectories of Innovation in Provence, France (pages 1497–1512)
Sylvie Daviet and Romain Monge

De/Re-Centring Work and Class?: A Review and Critique of Labour Geography (p 768-777)
Tod Rutherford

Rural Economic Development: A Review of the Literature from Industrialized Economies (p 510-531)
Laura Ryser, Greg Halseth

China’s Changing National and Regional Innovation Systems and Regional Distribution of R&D (p 532-544)
Fangzhu Zhang, Fulong Wu, Philip Cooke

Does Economic Growth Cause Environmental Recovery? Geographical Explanations of Forest Regrowth (p 416-427)
Becky Mansfield, Darla K. Munroe, Kendra McSweeney

Practice and Economic Geography (p 303-319)
Andrew Jones, James T. Murphy

Geographies of Corporate Decision-Making and Control: Development, Applications, and Future Directions in Headquarters Location Research (p 320-334)
Murray D. Rice, Donald I. Lyons

Methodological Approaches for Interviewing Elites (p 193-205)
William S. Harvey

Geographies of International Trade: Theory, Borders, and Regions (p 94-105)
Martin A. Andresen

Immigrants in the Labour Market: Transnationalism and Segmentation (p 28-44)
Tom Lusis, Harald Bauder

Volume 3 (2009)

Spaces of Work and Everyday Life: Labour Geographies and the Agency of Unorganised Temporary Migrant Workers (p 1975-1987)
Ben Rogaly

Understanding Remigration and Innovation – An Appeal for a Cultural Economic Geography (p 1732-1743)
Claudia Klaerding

Assembling the Space Economy: Governmentality and Economic Geography (p 1744-1756)
Russell Prince, Rae Dufty

Cultural Industries and the Creative Economy – Vague but Useful Concepts (p 1483-1498)
Jeff Boggs

Geography of Stock Markets (p 1499-1514)
Dariusz Wójcik

Agrarian Angst: Rural Resistance in Southeast Asia (p 950-975)
Sarah Turner, Dominique Caouette

Conceptualising Scale in Regional Studies and Catchment Science – Towards an Integrated Characterisation of Spatial Units (p 976-996)
Danny MacKinnon, D. Tetzlaff

New Spatial Logics in Global Cities Research: Networks, Flows and New Political Spaces (p 997-1012)
Karen P. Y. Lai

The Inner City as Site of Cultural Production sui generis: A Review Essay (p 600-629)
Thomas A. Hutton

Educating Professionals and Professional Education in a Geographical Context (p 171-189)
James R. Faulconbridge, Sarah Hall

Brand and Branding Geographies (p 190-213)Andy Pike

Informal Work in Latin America: Competing Perspectives and Recent Debates (p 214-236)
James J. Biles

Should Economic Geographers Count? (p 237-255)
Jurgen Essletzbichler

Organization versus Space: The Paradoxical Geographies of the Digital Economy (p 256-274)
Bruno Moriset, Edward J. Malecki

Volume 2 (2008)

Subsidiaries of Multinational Companies: Foreign Locations Gaining Competencies? (p 1962-1973)
Martina Fuchs

Geographies of the Contemporary Informal Sector in the Global South: Gender, Employment Relationships and Social Protection
Sally Lloyd-Evans

Making Space for the Economy: Live Performances, Dead Objects, and Economic Geography (p 1432-1448)
Trevor J. Barnes

Evolution, Path Dependence and Economic Geography (p 1449-1463)
Danny MacKinnon

University–Industry Links and Regional Development: Thinking beyond Knowledge Spillovers (p 1058-1074)
Tamsin Davies

Towards a Critical Geography of Flexibility: Facets of Adaptability in Society and Space (p 1075-1094)
Stefan Buzar

Warped Geographies of Development: The Internet and Theories of Economic Development (p 771-789)
Mark Graham

The Geographic Cluster: A Historical Review (p 790-813)
Tim Vorley

The Region in Political Economy (p 814-830)
John Harrison

Environmental Economic Geography (p 831-850)
Roger Hayter

Economic Geographies of the Global South: Missed Opportunities and Promising Intersections with Development Studies (p 851-873)
James T. Murphy

Commodity Chains, Rural Development and the Global Agri-food System (p 375-394)
Edward R. T. Challies

Gendered Geographies of High-Tech Regional Economies (p 176-198)
Al James

Re-Regulating Offshore Finance? (p 155-175)
B. Maurer

Hidden Innovation: A Reconsideration of ‘Old Economy’ Industries within ‘New Economy’ Regions (p 140-154)
Lifang Chiang

Geography Compass: Setting Course in a New Direction (p 575 576)
Mike Bradshaw

Volume 1 (2007)

Buzz-and-Pipeline Dynamics: Towards a Knowledge-Based Multiplier Model of Clusters (p 1282-1298)
Harald Bathelt

Knowledge, Space and Biotechnology (p 1097-1117)
Kean Birch

Understanding the Geography of International Finance (p 1076-1096)
Philip Sarre

The Greening of Project Finance (p 1058-1075)
Sophie Hadfield-Hill

Places of Work, Scales of Organising: A Review of Labour Geography (p 814-833)
David Christoffer Lier

Rethinking Economic Geographies of Knowledge (p 797-813)
Paul Vallance